How Much Could you save on your Consulting Spend?

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How we can Help you Optimize your Consulting Spend

Align Consulting Spend and Strategy

Ensure Consulting is used to support strategic priorities

Unlock substantial savings

Save up to 40% on your Consulting Spend

Increase return on Investment

Make sure you use the best consulting firms for each project

Make the change sustainable

Implement best in class consulting procurement practices

What our clients say

John, EVP Strategy Chemicals

“A great process to align our consulting spend with our strategic priorities”

Sarah, CFO Regional Bank

“We never anticipated the level of savings we could achieve in the consulting category”

Roger, CPO Utilities

“The approach was extremely valuable. We have renewed our supplier panel with better consultants for a more reasonable cost.”

What we do


Consulting Performance Scanner

We map comprehensively your Consulting spend and we screen the performance of your Consulting providers

Consulting Maturity Assessment

We benchmark your organization vs best practices on Consulting Procurement and design a roadmap to raise your maturity level

Savings Capture Program

We design with you a savings capture program to unlock immediate savings and then work together to implement it

Consulting Procurement Academy

We bring Consulting expertise to your procurement teams, and share best practices on how to manage your panel and establish performance improvement plans with your key providers

Performance Based Fees

We share the same interests as 90% of our compensation is linked to our impact

Consulting Strategy

We work with you to align your Consulting spend with your strategic priorities and to implement Demand Management

Contact Us

ConPex Practice Leader

Hélène Laffitte

+1 646 477 5953